Rime: March Update Report

Good news, Rime is becoming more and more functional every day that it gets worked on (busy with school primarily). The last month has been both productive and a ton of work has gone into the project. Here are some of the changes from the git history.


  • Implemented “-cleanup” option for the auto-updater in order to clean up old files on next launch.


  • Added more editing abilities to the PartitionBrowserControl.
  • Added logging of version on startup (the UI is currently broken and doesn’t show it)
  • Added “Dashes” member to GUID in order to get the dashes format as well.
  • Added checking of instances on CtrRef ToString in order to show “*null*” if the partition or instance is null. (may change to partition only)
  • Also made it where if you double click on an CtrRef it will automatically open up a new editor with that instance loaded.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug with the PluginManager in where multiple instances would be removed due to old-style name checks. This was resolved by properly removing that one instance.
  • Fixed crash in the OutputPlugin due to the parameters being null.
  • Fixed threading related crash on updating the UI when a new update was made available.
  • Fixed crash in the logger when parameters were null.

Changes and Corrections:

  • Corrected List DataTemplate, by changing the member type from TreeView to ItemsControl.
  • Refactored update system.
  • Major refactoring to allow plugins to load properly. Also disabled the Theme in order to properly see what is going on in the ebx editor.

Thanks to all of the testers we have, and special shoutouts to Powback for assisting with the documentation and preparation for the public build.

For usage with VeniceEXT
For usage with VeniceEXT

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