Rime: September Progress Report

Hello there, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve updated this and a few people thought the project was dead (I don’t know why, but they did lol).  Here’s a quick update of what has happened over the last few months. Most of the work has been done by the other member of Venice Unleashed NoFaTe!


  • Fixed a crash that would occur due to plugins without UI’s being added as UI elements.
  • Fixed various threading issues and collection changed issues due to the asynchronous nature of Rime.
  • Fixed a ton of issues dealing with the UI and how they interface with plugins.


  • Updated WebLink security (cross communication to modders link to prepare for the community)
  • Updated the BinaryReader/Writer with more efficient versions.


  • Removal of a lot of deprecated, unused, commented out code.
  • Deprecated all previous (semi-functional) mounting code (due to the new readers/virtual file system).
  • Moved a TON of shared code (used between Lib/Rime itself) to the RimeCommon and restructured it.
  • Moved a TON of Frostbite specific utilities and classes to RimeLib.
  • Refactored the plugin system again (Will have to update the RimeExamplePlugin github soon).
  • Refactored the handling for Frostbite Guid class.


  • Added the ability to auto-start certain plugins on launch
  • Added all available plugins to be launched from a menu if you are unsure how to launch them (only ones with UI).
  • Added auto-detection of game builds and information.
  • Added BuildInfoProxy for x86 and x64 versions of Frostbite to read out the engine’s build info natively.
  • Added detection for Frostbite2014.4 (Star Wars Battlefront Alpha Trial).
  • Implemented a new Virtual File System.
  • Loading of patch files and patched superbundles completed.


  • Added Rime to a CI solution to prepare for testing builds for those who have already been selected for testing.


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