H2UnlockPatcher: Halo 2 Beta Unlocker

Here’s a little side project that I didn’t have very much time to fully complete. It is a unlocked Halo 2 Beta! Currently when you sign in, just select “do not sign in” and then from there you can use System Link, Split Screen, Xbox Live (arranged game).

Just a note, the System Link is missing some code to allow xbox’s to see each other, I am slowly working on a fix for this. I spent a few weeks a few months ago working on my own xbe (Xbox Executable) patcher and patch creation system, which allowed me to build patched executable really quickly. In this time I recoded the entire main menu in assembly to “unlock” everything, I even had force loading which is disabled in this patcher due to unforeseen crashes.

Features List:

  • Removal of the EULA screen
  • Removal of all watermarking
  • Removal of all main menu limitations (if code is still there)
  • Re-linking of System Link, Xbox Live, and System Link screens.
  • Controller input hook (not active)


Unlocked Main Menu
Unlocked Main Menu

Halo 2 Beta Ingame

You will need the executable matching SHA1: C42E58FA8EEDCD4F46707C2FD0D8CEFCC61A6410

This will not be redistributed.

Download (Requires .NET Framework):



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