Rime: Closed Alpha

Well, it’s been a month since the last update. But in that month, Rime went from being non-functional, but powerful tool to a semi-functional extraction for Frostbite 2 (and 3) games. There has been a huge overhaul in the back-end to allow it to function in a modular fashion.

Currently there are many bugs, but to poke around and open up various resources has been implemented and soon(TM) integration with Venice Unleashed will be finished and the community will have the first taste of modding the Frostbite engine.

An update has been pushed to github for the Example Plugin, it includes RimeCommon module which is what all of Rime, RimeLib, and the plugin system uses for communication and loading. I wanted this to be fair to everyone, and also allow me to step away from the project and the community can continue it on their own.

RimeExamplePlugin – Example Plugin for use with Rime

I know you guys are probably tired of seeing the same video over and over, but each time it’s always something special ain’t it 😉 Currently Rime functions 100% exactly how the game does, with loading, parsing, and extracting data from any container of content. Aka, no more decompiling files. Stay tuned.


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  1. Hi Allen. On one site I read what you want … your emm..testers project “RIME” I’d really like to help you with the test of the editor of the game. If you will not mind to take me to the test – Commando, then add me on Skype panin6661. Thanks in advance: 3

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