Rime: Why not make things easy?

Well, its 5:09AM when writing this, I haven’t slept in forever and I’m probably about to go to bed. I noticed when developers are using FrostEd they seem (at least from Frostbite’s Main Page) like the UI is fluid and very easy to use. The primary drawback of modding in Bad Company 2, is there are barely any good editors for the map format. Yes, we have our beloved rukqoa’s Bad Company 2 editor with 2d map placement. But I feel its time to move forward above the old python scripts and manually doing everything yourself. Rime has been planned to be as much as an all in one tool for as much as possible. If there is something Rime can’t do, it will try it’s best with assisting you with data viewers and raw hex dumps of what its using. Pretty much so far, I will just list off a few things that Rime will make very easy to all of its users, SO FAR.

  • ¬†Easy to use wizards for de-compiling and re-compiling a map, and any assets that Rime will need
  • Form integration
  • Easy to use UI (will be changed based on user feedback (yes you!) )
  • In-app model/mesh viewer
  • In-app texture viewer/converter

There is probably more, but its super late and I can’t remember. I have been working hard on this project since the new Star Wars game is coming out and I would love to have space troopoer models on a very less blue Strike at Karkand. Anywho, let me stop my useless ramblings and show off some screenshots.


User no longer has to work hard to prepare to mod a Frostbite engine based game.

Rime's Placeholder Start Menu
Rime’s Placeholder Start Menu

Goodnight all.

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