30GB Of What?

Well after a 2 second question with Sir. NoFaTe, I started adding a very interesting part to Rime. This is mainly in-case due to the announcement of Venice Unleashed’s Client-as-Server methods. As most server admins know, moving around 30GB of data for a server install is just too painful. This is due to the engine ignoring a TON of file formats when it is running as a dedicated server. Therefore one thing leads to another and there will be a standalone version of Rime just for re-building all of the maps in a minimal state. aka we go in, throw out all of the garbage that 1. Gets Ignored, or 2. Not used anymore and then run the game again. I haven’t started any testing but it should reduce the file sizes drastically.

Ignored File Types: (Thanks NoFaTe)

  • SwfMovie
  • MeshSet
  • MovieTexture
  • RenderTexture
  • ITexture
  • DxTexture
  • SwfTexture
  • RenderTexture (again?)
  • OccluderMesh
  • EnlightenDatabase
  • EnlightenShaderDatabase
  • EnlightenSystem
  • EnlightenProbeSet
  • StaticEnlightenDatabase
  • VisualTerrian
  • TerrainDecals
  • ImpulseResource
  • (Certain) Sound Files

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