What the heck just happened?

Well long story short, the old site went down for maintenance and database upgrades and stuff. And it broke…So I am transferring everything over to this now. You will have the same news feeds and stuff, same downloads that were available. Just need to grab them from this site instead. What can I say, I’m a bad web admin =/

Halo 2 Trick Jumping Trainer v2

Did this quick for Logan. This is a update faster, less laggy version of “H2GaryUK” This comes complete with a full menu, embedded GUI. No new features but it works a lot better. Thanks for all of the people who loved H2GaryUK, now here is a update.

Same tutorial:
Download Winject (Google it)
Start Halo 2, When you are at mainmenu or when you are at the Microsoft Game Studio’s Screen Press Inject.
Then Press F2 to view the menu, click using the Trainer’s mouse to set the settings. Blue = Enabled, White = Disabled

DO NOT DOWNLOAD from other websites, they might contain malware/viruses. Only download from my site or one of the trusted sources in my affiliates. Thanks to all, kiwi out!

Download Halo 2 Trick Jumping Trainer v2

Halo 2 Sightjacker In Progress

This Halo 2 sightjacker is a work in progress and will be released when the kinks are worked out. Soon this will be for release to catch those pesky aim-bot and auto-aim users.

Known Issues:
– Camera Look Coordinates don’t update (researching reason why)
– Camera does not follow Dinosaurs (Elites… there stupid anyway)
– Random Bluescreens when reading overruns writes
– Menu grab needs tweaking

– Player GT Grab
– Save Camera State
– Menu
– Clickable Menu

Halo 2 Crash Fix ‘LiVEFiX’ Released

The Final Version patches everything but since we cannot write to the .exe It will put “Boxes” everywhere.

This fixes a ton of exploits in the game.

Welcome to the LiVEFiX Version 3.1 Install Tutorial

Fix Created By: KIWIDOGGIE
‘KiWiDOGGiE Productions’

If you are watching this you are going to patch a few exploits in the game.

1. The Server Browser Crash
2. Game Crash
3. LiVE Swap Exploit
4. Font Swap Exploit
5. Solo Flyer

Thanks to all involved and who all helped over LAN and LIVE. The patch is final and out for everyone to apply.

Download Halo 2 Crash Fix “LIVEfix”

Call of Duty: World at War [1.2 Patch] Zombies Multihack

Finally Released a Hack for Call of Duty 5: World At War!

This will ONLY work on patch 1.2 of the game, Please make sure you have patch 1.2.
The hack has been tested on local (SoLo) and Hamachi, so have fun with it.

Unlimited Ammo for all Weapons
Unlimited Gernades
Jump Height Hack
Gravity Hack
Laser (all Weapons)
Third Person (Both Levels)
NoClip Enabler

Here is how to use this hack,
F2 – Open/Close Menu
Up/Down Arrow Keys – Up and Down on the Menu
Right Arrow Key – Increase or Toggle options
Left Arrow Key – Set Gravity/Player Jump Height back to the default

Assembly Patched by KIWIDOGGIE
Thanks to Zackth13 for the support of talking to me when I was bored. Thanks Bro.

Download COD5 Zombies 1.2 Multihack