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Server and domain migration.

Hello everyone, I just wanted to say I have moved to All of the links on the website have been replaced and should still exist and work as planned. If there are any mistakes with downloads etc not working or any issues at all please let me know through the contact me page, or on Facebook page. Please if there is ANYTHING at all wrong let me know.

Site downtime

Well, we are on recovery mode. I got a nasty email from my hosting provider saying that they did not have basic DDoS protection, what hosting company in this day and age would not have stuff to protect against that. Who the heck knows why… Bluehost is a huge failure in all ways, shapes and forms. Instead of fixing their server situation they just disable the account and send a email (You have 15 Days to backup everything and get the hell out). This cost me a bunch of money moving providers and re-setting up everything but since I made regular backups I was able to get all of my stuff and fixed mostly everything.


I would say avoid bluehost at all costs. They had an older cpanel with not that many features, and basic features they would have disabled because of “security risks” instead of just updating the software. I had been with bluehost for many, many, years and have just been dealing with them because they were pretty cheap. But I rather pay a bit more and be able to be protected from the basic internet skiddies than have to spend a bunch of money for a new host/servers. They refunded me $11.00 which was less than what it costs per month but at this point I don’t care.


Will be posting some more research soon.

What the heck just happened?

Well long story short, the old site went down for maintenance and database upgrades and stuff. And it broke…So I am transferring everything over to this now. You will have the same news feeds and stuff, same downloads that were available. Just need to grab them from this site instead. What can I say, I’m a bad web admin =/