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Call of Duty Series Console Unlocking on All Platforms

DOGBIT.IN Call of Duty Console

Since Call of Duty 4 was released on PC, I wished that there would be some way or form to enable console for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms. There were findings in the way of removing the RSA Security checks on the executable on both platforms when the appropriate tools were released publicly. Mainly that method was used for cheating, unlocking everything online and changing leaderboard stats. This is not what I wanted to be done. Some cool things did come out of it like a CoDJumper mod and a few other zombie mods but most of the time it was just for “10th Prestige Lobbies” and for cheating.

In early of 2007 Infinity Ward and Activision Released a open public beta of Call of Duty 4 for the masses to play, then pulled the servers after the beta went down. This left a collector that wanted to play the game again unable due to the LIVE servers being taken down and getting signed out of live when they wanted to play.

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PSARC Extractor Tool Source Code

Hi, I just wanted to make a quick tool to extract PSARC files using mono on Ubuntu. This works on Windows aswell. Just compile it. Each filename in the manifest matches the files in the PSARC file. Then from there they are just zlib blocks. You can make an app to extract everything or just make a tool to select what file you want to extract. Just by reversing the way that you can read out you can create your own PSARC files also rebuild edited files.

Download PSARC Tool Source Code