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TeamCanineConfig – Battlefield 3 Movie Config

So far, this is a work in progress. Thanks to fatboy88 from uc-forum for helping me along with the reversing even though I am currently reversing from a laptop that can barely run Battlefield 3. I want a beta of this to be available for the public when BattleRecorder drops for Batlefield 3. This will give you Wireframe mode, Anti-Aliasing tweaks and some of the color correction issues that you can do with the FXAA Injector. I will have more later, but for now here is some screenshots.

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Modern Warfare 3 [PC] – Alternative Console Released

Someone gifted me Modern Warfare 3 and wanted me to make some modifications to it. Primarily enabling the console which I wanted to do for previous Call of Duty games anyway. I always wanted to re-create the Call of Duty console using a few Direct X hooks and Keyboard hooks. Lets say I got a very rough beta done for Modern Warfare 3. It has quite a few bugs that need to be worked out but so far it works quite nicely. The few bugs that I have managed to see is…

  1. When the console is open, my hook does not disable input to the game itself.
  2. Quite a few VirtualKeys produce un-readable symbols inside of the console
  3. Up arrow does not cycle correctly through previous entries FIXED!

Here is a few videos for your enjoyment

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ReachUnlock 1.2

Hey everyone, I have been getting so many good reviews about ReachUnlock and why I didn’t support the gravity and all this other blarhargy so I created an update to it.

This tool will remove restrictions that are on the xex (Xbox 360 executable) format for Halo Reach. A list of the current features are…

  • Remove Header Check
  • Enable Debug Camera
  • Remove Map Version Check
  • Remove Header/Footer Check
  • Remove XDK Version Check
  • Remove Tag Name Check
  • No BINK Playback
  • Remove .map RSA Check
  • Modify Single-player Gravity

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Brink Research – Developers Console Enabled on Consoles (Xbox360/PS3)

I finally worked out all of the bugs in the patcher for Brink. I will post the main patches source and the compiled binary for people on windows to use. If you want to post this, PLEASE link back to this site.


The above patches will enable the developers console on startup. If you decompress the lzx pk2 files then modify the default_button_layout_xenon.cfg to bind the console or anything else you could get the console more than once. But for now that is all I can give you all.

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Unknown Stillcam

After alot of hard work and time, the first part of a 3 part series is released! This has taken long enough and we are proud to present; Another Unknown MiniHack series, Stillcam. This will be able to remove your HUD (heads up display) and freeze your camera wherever you stand and are looking. You can use in Singleplayer Cutscenes also! There will be some more to come later.

Created By: Sprt4n117, KIWIDOGGIE (port)

Thanks to:
xbox7887 – Final Addresses (You Rock!)
Patrickssj6 – Help and beta testing
KIWIDOGGIE – Help/Port from proof of concept
CodeBrain – Beta Testing

Works in Singleplayer and Multiplayer

Hope you guys enjoy.

Download Unknown StillCam

Halo 2 PC Sightjacker Released

This is a final version of the Halo 2 PC sightjacker. You will need Winject or some kind of DLL injector to use it. Start Halo 2 then start Winject and inject. Press F2 for the menu or to hide the menu. Once you are ingame hide somewhere and click save, then select a name and press the “x” next to Enabled: then have fun. If someone is inside a vehicle or turret it will not work, it will put you inside a 3rd person view of yourself. That is a bug that I cannot fix due to the way Halo 2 works. To go back to your body, disable the sightjacker by pressing the X next to enabled and click LOAD. It will bring you back to your body.

A thing that I have noticed is the mouse may not appear ingame, just press ESCAPE to bring up the Halo 2 menu then it will reset where your mouse position is. Have fun and don’t cheat using this. I don’t want to hear anything about it…

Thanks To:

Download Halo 2 Sightjacker

Halo 2 Trick Jumping Trainer v2

Did this quick for Logan. This is a update faster, less laggy version of “H2GaryUK” This comes complete with a full menu, embedded GUI. No new features but it works a lot better. Thanks for all of the people who loved H2GaryUK, now here is a update.

Same tutorial:
Download Winject (Google it)
Start Halo 2, When you are at mainmenu or when you are at the Microsoft Game Studio’s Screen Press Inject.
Then Press F2 to view the menu, click using the Trainer’s mouse to set the settings. Blue = Enabled, White = Disabled

DO NOT DOWNLOAD from other websites, they might contain malware/viruses. Only download from my site or one of the trusted sources in my affiliates. Thanks to all, kiwi out!

Download Halo 2 Trick Jumping Trainer v2

Call of Duty: World at War [1.2 Patch] Zombies Multihack

Finally Released a Hack for Call of Duty 5: World At War!

This will ONLY work on patch 1.2 of the game, Please make sure you have patch 1.2.
The hack has been tested on local (SoLo) and Hamachi, so have fun with it.

Unlimited Ammo for all Weapons
Unlimited Gernades
Jump Height Hack
Gravity Hack
Laser (all Weapons)
Third Person (Both Levels)
NoClip Enabler

Here is how to use this hack,
F2 – Open/Close Menu
Up/Down Arrow Keys – Up and Down on the Menu
Right Arrow Key – Increase or Toggle options
Left Arrow Key – Set Gravity/Player Jump Height back to the default

Assembly Patched by KIWIDOGGIE
Thanks to Zackth13 for the support of talking to me when I was bored. Thanks Bro.

Download COD5 Zombies 1.2 Multihack