Rime: January Progress Report

Time flies, I really thought I wrote the last entry last month, but apparently its been quite awhile. Here’s a bit of a status update…

I’ve been swamped with work and fixing issues and researching more cool things for Venice Unleashed. So work on Rime has been slow, but after reading the last blog post, there has been a ton of work behind the scenes that have been done with Rime.

  • Converted quite a few parts to use the MVVM for raw speed and performance
  • Added chunk reading via the VFS
  • Implemented a “new” ebx reader written by NoFaTe almost 3 years ago (+- a year)
  • Corrected issues with said EBX reader
  • Implemented ebx VFS and cross-ebx reading
  • Ebx reading and parsing is all async and threaded now and done in the background without affecting initial map loading times. (Maxed out my laptops i5 for ~9s before finishing)
  • Updated all projects to Visual C++ 14.0 and .NET 4.6.1 (fixes all UI issues using C# 6.0)
  • The bundle browser is now sorted alphabetically
  • Updated bundle browser plugin to use the VFS instead of manually parsing bundles itself.

And many many more changes to increase performance etc.

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