Rime: May Progress Report


Just a few updates. As read in my previous post, security is something I take very seriously as a developer, and I was going to allow plugins to run unrestricted until the beta. Luckily with enough debugging and trial and error, I finally got proper locked down sandboxed plugins that can be loaded from any directory! With that being said as well, I have resolved issues with the internal messaging structure for Rime as well as changed the way that plugins function. I also will be updating the example plugin git repository.


  • Overhauled and fixed internal communication of all parts of Rime
  • Fixed loading of plugins
  • Implemented plugin security sandbox
  • Cleanup of old code, refactored entire plugin system


  • Removal of SharpDX and all DirectX 11 related mesh rendering
  • Removal of IPlugin interface.


  • Moved all plugin logic and abstract classes to a common module (RimeCommon)
  • Moved most message logic and listeners to a common module.
  • Setup an OpenGL based renderer to replace SharpDX. Proof of concept finished.

Also I’m moving, so there may not be any work done until I find a place to live. Peace.

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