Modern Warfare 3 [PC] – Alternative Console Released

Someone gifted me Modern Warfare 3 and wanted me to make some modifications to it. Primarily enabling the console which I wanted to do for previous Call of Duty games anyway. I always wanted to re-create the Call of Duty console using a few Direct X hooks and Keyboard hooks. Lets say I got a very rough beta done for Modern Warfare 3. It has quite a few bugs that need to be worked out but so far it works quite nicely. The few bugs that I have managed to see is…

  1. When the console is open, my hook does not disable input to the game itself.
  2. Quite a few VirtualKeys produce un-readable symbols inside of the console
  3. Up arrow does not cycle correctly through previous entries FIXED!

Here is a few videos for your enjoyment

Here is the download link, This is for the Singleplayer/SpecOps side of Modern Warfare 3 only ( I don’t reverse engineer Anti-Cheats as of yet, and I don’t want to risk my Steam Account for such a terrible game )

You will need Winject, DCInjector or some dll injector of some kind. This is currently for version 1.9.433, 1.5.387, 1.4.382, 1.0 only.

Select the process iw5sp.exe, and select kiwicon.dll and inject, press Tilde to open up the console 😀 Have fun. Up and Down arrows will cycle through your previously entered commands.

kiwicon is now available for many versions.

kiwicon – Alternative Modern Warfare 3 SP Console v1.0 (1.9.433)

kiwicon – Alternative Modern Warfare 3 SP Console v1.0 (iw5sp 1.5)

kiwicon – Alternative Modern Warfare 3 SP Console v1.0 (iw5sp 1.4.382)

kiwicon – Alternative Modern Warfare 3 SP Console v1.0 (iw5sp 1.0)


Have fun, any comments, concerns leave them in the comments. 😉

18 thoughts on “Modern Warfare 3 [PC] – Alternative Console Released”

  1. Hey there!

    First of all – awesome, this is the first dll for MW3 that actually lets you open a console.
    Second: How do you give yourself guns? I tried the good old “give mk14” etc, or even “give all”, but that didnt work. I saw some stuff like “cg_gun xxx” in your screenshot, how do I give myself certain weapons with that, or is that something entirely different?


    1. There are a lot of commands that don’t work in Modern Warfare 3 for various reasons, mainly they took out a bunch of cheat commands that used to be inside of Call of Duty. The reason they removed a bunch of those commands were to protect the Xbox and PlayStation versions from malicious modders. You will have to find a IW5 or Modern Warfare 3 cvar/dvar dump on the internet ( )

  2. Damn. Maybe anything else possible, like spawning the weapon on the ground, anything that goes a little farer than just console commands?
    I think I had a program for some earlier version of the survival mode where you could select which gun you wanted, press the return button, and you actually had the gun(s) you selected. Could that help somehow?

        1. This program is not going to be able to do what that Trainer is. This is not a trainer, its an alternative console, I have looked into Singleplayer and SpecOps hacks and it seems they sync everything up with an non-local server for SpecOps online mode. I have made simple hacks but I don’t think its enough to produce a full trainer in the future.

    1. I could easily make it work with version 1.4.382, can you upload the iw5sp for that game version and ill compile it for that version. Same with the 1.0 version.

  3. I’m having difficulty. First of all, I downloaded a torrented version of the game only to play single-player. Nothing this horrendous is worth $60. I do, however, love the lighting and cinematics this game offers. Therefore, I love making Machinima with the COD series. I have no idea what version of the game I have and can’t properly inject the dll that allows console commands. I need simple commands like cg_draw2d 0 and cg_drawgun to have a clean plate to film and get shots with in the campaign. Being able to noclip, have enemies ignore me, and mess with the timescale for slow motion is also essential.

    How do I properly find the game version, and do you know o=if the commands I listed above are still in MW3?

    1. I don’t support piracy, but I would try the 1.0 game version, or the 1.4 game version. I will not add extra support if your version is not working because I don’t support Piracy. I didn’t pay for the game either, but a friend of mine on steam did and gifted it to me. So someone paid for it.

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