ReachUnlock 1.2

Hey everyone, I have been getting so many good reviews about ReachUnlock and why I didn’t support the gravity and all this other blarhargy so I created an update to it.

This tool will remove restrictions that are on the xex (Xbox 360 executable) format for Halo Reach. A list of the current features are…

  • Remove Header Check
  • Enable Debug Camera
  • Remove Map Version Check
  • Remove Header/Footer Check
  • Remove XDK Version Check
  • Remove Tag Name Check
  • No BINK Playback
  • Remove .map RSA Check
  • Modify Single-player Gravity

You will need xorlosers xextool in the same directory as the application.

NOTE: This only works on developers kits or jtags. This will not work on a flashed/unmodified console.

If you happen to get the “Invalid Checksum” message, you can try running ReachUnlock 1.2 (only) with the argument -ignore. The easiest way to do this is to create a shortcut to ReachUnlock then right click, properties, then at the end of the target it should be like


Just add -ignore to the end of it so you have

...ReachUnlock.exe -ignore

and it should disable the MD5 checks on the xex’s.

Download Reach Unlock 1.2

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