Brink Research – Developers Console Enabled on Consoles (Xbox360/PS3)

I finally worked out all of the bugs in the patcher for Brink. I will post the main patches source and the compiled binary for people on windows to use. If you want to post this, PLEASE link back to this site.


The above patches will enable the developers console on startup. If you decompress the lzx pk2 files then modify the default_button_layout_xenon.cfg to bind the console or anything else you could get the console more than once. But for now that is all I can give you all.

Here is the readme.txt

Well hallo thur.
I would like to say thanks for downloading this Brink modding package. All of the tools/files here are not copywrited by any game development company
therefore they are fine to redistribute as long as you give credits back to kiwidog of CoolModsBro.

Whats inside

Patcher.exe - This is the main patcher
autoexec.cfg - Plain text file
myMods.cfg - Where you want to put all of your cvars just incase something breaks, which it shouldent but you never know.

This will require a JTAG or wxRipper (PC Tool) to rip the game Brink. I will have someone post a more indept tutorial but
most people reading this already have Brink on their pc.

== Instructions ==
1. Rip the entire game to your Xbox 360 or PC harddrive
2. Use FreeStyleDash or some other tool to FTP and grab the default.xex
3. Run Patcher.exe and select PATCHME and select the default.xex
YOU WILL NEED XEXTOOL FOR THIS!!!!!! google xextool and you should be able to find it
4. Everything should work just fine and spit out Brink-Modified.xex
5. Open up the myMods.cfg in a text editor and add cvars that you want to modify in there
find cvars here:
6. FTP that back over to your Brink Directory on your Xbox and copy the 2 .cfg files over
7. Launch the Brink-Modified.xex on your JTAG and have fun ;)

Online mode was disabled in this xex just incase someone managed to get JTAGS back online, No cheating freakin' punks!
Thats not the point of modding...screw lobbies... /endrant

-kiwidog, Admin

Download Brink Offline Modding Tools

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