Halo 2 PC Sightjacker Released

This is a final version of the Halo 2 PC sightjacker. You will need Winject or some kind of DLL injector to use it. Start Halo 2 then start Winject and inject. Press F2 for the menu or to hide the menu. Once you are ingame hide somewhere and click save, then select a name and press the “x” next to Enabled: then have fun. If someone is inside a vehicle or turret it will not work, it will put you inside a 3rd person view of yourself. That is a bug that I cannot fix due to the way Halo 2 works. To go back to your body, disable the sightjacker by pressing the X next to enabled and click LOAD. It will bring you back to your body.

A thing that I have noticed is the mouse may not appear ingame, just press ESCAPE to bring up the Halo 2 menu then it will reset where your mouse position is. Have fun and don’t cheat using this. I don’t want to hear anything about it…

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Download Halo 2 Sightjacker

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    1. It is a zip, some reason phpBB does not like rar files all that much so I set it as a zip, WinRar/7zip/WinZip should all be able to open it. Heck even Windows has a zip archive reader =]

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