Halo 2 Trick Jumping Trainer v2

Did this quick for Logan. This is a update faster, less laggy version of “H2GaryUK” This comes complete with a full menu, embedded GUI. No new features but it works a lot better. Thanks for all of the people who loved H2GaryUK, now here is a update.

Same tutorial:
Download Winject (Google it)
Start Halo 2, When you are at mainmenu or when you are at the Microsoft Game Studio’s Screen Press Inject.
Then Press F2 to view the menu, click using the Trainer’s mouse to set the settings. Blue = Enabled, White = Disabled

DO NOT DOWNLOAD from other websites, they might contain malware/viruses. Only download from my site or one of the trusted sources in my affiliates. Thanks to all, kiwi out!

Download Halo 2 Trick Jumping Trainer v2

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