Halo 2 Crash Fix ‘LiVEFiX’ Released

The Final Version patches everything but since we cannot write to the .exe It will put “Boxes” everywhere.

This fixes a ton of exploits in the game.

Welcome to the LiVEFiX Version 3.1 Install Tutorial

Fix Created By: KIWIDOGGIE
‘KiWiDOGGiE Productions’

If you are watching this you are going to patch a few exploits in the game.

1. The Server Browser Crash
2. Game Crash
3. LiVE Swap Exploit
4. Font Swap Exploit
5. Solo Flyer

Thanks to all involved and who all helped over LAN and LIVE. The patch is final and out for everyone to apply.

Download Halo 2 Crash Fix “LIVEfix”

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